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Kellys Wood (Oaklands) is situated 3km from New Ross Town Centre. Oaklands was the seat of the Tyndall family who descended from John Tyndall of Gloucestershire, who came to Ireland during the Cromwellian campaign and had a grant of land confirmed to him in 1668. His wife was Isabelle de Rinzy from Wexford. The House was destroyed by fire in 1957, but remains of the Icehouse and limekiln can be found in the Woodlands.

The wood is now managed by Coillte where Oaklands is a good example of Wet woodlands is important for the less conspicuous elements of biodiversity, i.e. insects and lichens. In wet areas, depending on factors such as degree of water logging and soil pH, wet-loving trees such as willows, birch, alder.

It is a good example of acid oak woods, i.e. oak-dominated woodland on acidic soils, Downy birch is often abundant in the canopy with oak. There is often an understorey of holly, with some rowan. The ground flora typically includes species such as woodrush, bilberry and ferns. The ground flora here may include primrose, wood anemone and bluebell. The woods are within easy reach of the Town Park and local hotels. It also has access to a public footpath from the town along the R733. The entrance is next to the Oaklands Lake.

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