Wexford Walking Trail Interactive Signposts

Wexford Walking Trails CLG are excited to announce the introduction of a new interactive feature on fifteen walking trails in the network. Located at a scenic location along each of the fifteen trails is an Interactive Signpost that provides information about the surrounding area and an opportunity for you to upload a photo of the area to Wexford Walking Trails website.

To automatically connect to the Post Information Page and Upload Area, use a mobile phone to either scan the QR code on the post or hold the phone close to the NFC icon on the post. A link to the website will automatically pop up on the mobile phone to open. Alternatively, type the url printed on the post into the internet browser on the phone to connect. (For example, Chrome or Safari)

Once connected to the Post Information Page, listen to an audio clip or read a description of the area, upload a photo or find out more about the trail on the main website. There is also a map showing the exact location of the post.

Furthermore, the trail user is then invited to upload a photo of their vista to the website which, subject to approval, will appear in the website gallery.

Interactive Signpost at Morans Bay Rosslare


What is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication technology provides a secure way to communicate and exchange digital content between devices that are close to each other. In this case the NFC chip in the post will connect with the NFC technology in the phone providing it is enabled on the phone and the phone is held close to NFC icon on the post.

 How do I know if I have NFC technology on my phone?

Most new phones have NFC installed and enabled.  Some older phones do not have NFC, particularly mid to low-entry level phones. Or an older phone may have an NFC chip but no way of reading NFC tags. NFC Reader apps are available to download for this purpose. Alternatively, use the QR Code or url provided.

How do I know if NFC is enabled on my phone?

Each phone model varies. Search the settings on the phone for NFC and it will bring you to the configuration settings to allow NFC to be switched on/off.

What is a QR code?

A QR code or quick response code is a two-dimensional bar code usually depicted as a square of black and white patterns. The code represents a unique url or other information. In this case it is a url to an information page on the Wexford Walking Trail website pertaining to the post it is found on.

How does a phone read a QR code?

On some phones a QR reader is automatically enabled via the camera. Simply open the camera and focus the camera on the QR code. It will automatically detect and read the QR code then connect to the link it represents. In this case it is a url to an information page on the Wexford Walking Trail website pertaining to the post it is found on.

This setting may need to be enabled on older phones.

If the camera does not read QR codes and there are no obvious settings to enable it, then a QR Code Reader app can be downloaded from the relevant App store for the phone.

What is a url?

url or Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a webpage. In this case it is a url to an information page on the Wexford Walking Trail website pertaining to the post it is found on.

 If this post connects to the Wexford Walking Trail website, why does it say “tinyurl”?

The url given is a short alias for the actual web page address as it was too long to fit on the signpost. It is also easier to read and type. The shortened url is generated on a website called tinyurl.com

 What happens to the photos that are uploaded?

The photos are stored in the website database until they are checked by one of the Wexford Walking Trail team. Suitable photos are added to the Gallery page on the website, usually within one week of upload. All other photos and associated data are then deleted.

Why do you need my email address?

We need your email address to contact you if we need to. We may want to use your photo in the promotion of Wexford Walking Trails and would require your permission to do so. We may also need to contact you in the unlikely event we receive a copyright claim or other legal enquiry. Full details in our T&Cs 


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