Maritime Walking Trail in Rosslare Harbour

The visit to Rosslare Harbour will take in our newly established looped walk around the village. It will include a visit to the Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat and Lifeboat Station which is kindly provided by the Coxswain and Crew of the RNLI.  (Hi Viz jackets will be needed on the Pier)

The looped walk is an easy one and wouldn’t normally take more than 1 hr.

The village is only 150 years old, having replaced Wexford Port which effectively closed to Marine traffic due to the silting of its harbour which caused continuous delays waiting for tides and winds to provide fair passage.  So, much of our history is bound up in the Port and the Railway.

The trail begins at the Trailhead on top of the cliff overlooking the harbour and follows the cliff top for 1 Km.  Along this route you’ll take in the interesting ‘comings and goings’ down on the harbour below and as we go further along we take in some panoramic views of Rosslare Harbour beach out to Greenore point and Tuskar Rock.

As we go inland we visit the interesting streetscapes which were originally built for the Railway workers and will visit the beautiful Village Park which includes a Memorial park and a number of small gardens created and maintained by local volunteers and enthusiasts.

All along you’ll be regaled with stories of the past … such as how our house numbers have 4 digits even though we only built 44!, how 14 men were lost in one night during the construction of Tuskar Rock lighthouse and how the English Sunday papers always ended up in the sea and the Colonel was thrown into the slammer!.

On return to the trailhead we then drive to the Maritime Museum for the Festival Reception where volunteers will be only too happy to show you around the many varied and interesting artefacts on display in the museum.

5:00pm Registration

5.30pm Visit the Lifeboat.

6.30pm Looped Walk begins.

8:00pm Visit Maritime Museum and Festival Reception




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