WWT_Lacken Hill

Lacken Hill

Trail Name Forest of the Dunbrody Heritage & Nature Trails
   2.4km to 4.8km
Ascent 193m
Walking time 
Grade   Moderate
OSI Discovery Map     Series 76
Grid Reference S759 281
Sat Nav 52.399616, -6.885657

Lacken Hill is a beautiful and prominent landscape feature overlooking New Ross town, with stunning panoramic unspoilt views of the rolling countryside towards Sliabh Coillte, Brandon Hill, the Blackstairs Mountains, Mount Leinster, Carrickbyrne Hill and views over the picturesque Scarke Golf Course. The walking trail to the summit is through the natural woodlands which are planted with a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, a woodland haven with unfurling ferns and carpeted with bluebells in spring. Explore the delights of the secret nooks and crannies of this wooded wonderland. The hill was the site of a Rebel Camp in 1798, now a place of peace and tranquillity. On the summit of the hill stands a Holy Year Cross erected in 1950 and a Commemorative Stone dedicated to those who died in battle in 1798 and are buried on the hill in unmarked graves.

Take the forest walk through the natural woodlands to the summit of Lacken Hill and take in the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and see the 1798 Monument and Holy Year Cross. Walk the Scarke Loop, on a winding country road, with natural hedgerows and spectacular views of Scarke Golf Course, Lacken Hill and the surrounding countryside.  A flock of Jacob sheep grazing the parklands of Berkeley Forest House can be seen as you pass by.

Lacken Hill is home to the Forest of the Dunbrody, which replaces the oak, larch and douglas fir used in the building of the Tall Ship ‘Dunbrody Famine Ship‘. A beautiful natural forest and a perfect habitat for many species of native wild flowers and plants, where you may hear the cuckoo and see foxes, rabbits, hare, ravens, pine martens, hedgehog, pheasants, buzzards, woodcocks and badgers in their natural habitat.

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