Interactive Posts – Uploaded Photos

Terms & Conditions of Use

If you upload a photo to our website via the Interactive Posts submission form, we expect that:

  • The photo uploaded is taken and owned by you.
  • Photographs of other people are uploaded with the permission of those people and their awareness that the photo may be published online on our website. Note: Images of children will not be published and will be removed from our system if uploaded. 
  • The photo is not obscene, offensive, indecent, abusive or defamatory.
  • The photographer did not endanger any party in the process of capturing the photograph.
  • The photographer did not cause any party to take unnecessary risks or infringe any laws to take the photo being uploaded.
  • The photo was not taken on private property without the landowners permission.
  • The subject of the photo is not private property unless permission has been obtained to take the photo and the owner is aware and has given permission for the photo will be used in this way.
  • The photo is uploaded without the photographer’s visible watermark on the picture.

    What we do with your photo when it is uploaded

    • Wexford Walking Trails clg only accepts files formatted as a JPEG (.jpg) through their website to ensure the quality is not distorted.
    • Wexford Walking Trails clg retains the right to resize or crop any photo at our discretion in any way to fit the requirements of the website where it will be published.
    • The photo is fully licenced to us for use on our website without attribution. Any other use will require the owners express permission.  (one of the reasons we ask for your email address when uploading)
    • If valid contact details are not provided, the photo will be removed from our record.
    • Wexford Walking Trails clg retains the right to share the photographer’s identity with any third party that claims the image(s) submitted is/are violating copyright laws.
    • The photographer accepts that Wexford Walking Trails clg may implement editorial control over the photograph(s) and may decide not to allow publication at our absolute discretion.
    • Wexford Walking Trails clg accept no liability for any content shared by third parties.
    • You may contact us at any time to remove the photo from our website. Please email [email protected]

    All information and photos will be processed in line with our Privacy Policy which can be found here:
    Wexford Walking Trails clg Privacy Policy