Brownscastle Woods Trail

Grade: Easy

Distance:  1.2km (0.8 miles)

Waymarking: Red

Trailhead:   2.8km from Taghmon Village

Sat Nav: 52.34048 -6.65934

Parking: At the trailhead

Trail Description

A beautiful meandering walk through an established coniferous woodland. Head west along the path through the forest to arrive at St. Munna’s Bed. St. Munna’s Bed is a large flat rock that protrudes from the side of the valley. It is believed that St. Munna, who founded a monastery in Taghmon in about 597, rested here as a retreat during the summer months. Hewn in its centre is a cross. Lying on this rock is reputed to help with back aches and pains which is something believers still do to this day.

Following the path from this point will eventually lead to the old derelict woollen factory. However, it is cordoned off for safety reasons. Powered by a waterwheel from the river, this factory manufactured woollen blankets. Production ceased circa 1915. Back in the day, a sign erected here stated ‘When you have done your business, please go about your business, so we can do our business’ !

Coming back from the factory, keep left, along a beautiful meandering path through the woodland. Alongside the trail runs the river. Keep an eye out for trout in the river flitting by. During the day, the sounds of birds singing fill the woods. Usually not visible in daylight, but also frequenting these woods are badgers, foxes, pine martins and squirrels.

Towards the end of the trail, steps lead to St. Munna’s Well. This natural well is believed to have healing properties too. Some people still use it today to leave offerings for their loved one’s.

Don’t Miss…

  • St. Munna’s bed
  • St. Munna’s Well
  • Derelict Woollen Factory (circa 1915)
  • Large Redwood trees
  • Beautiful meandering river walk
  • Café and pubs in the village of Taghmon.

Useful Trail Information

OSI Discovery Map Series 77

Grid Reference: 

Ascent: 25 metres

Walking time: 25 minutes

Format: Loop


Gates/Stiles: No

Start/Finish: Trailhead

Equipment Recommended:  none


Other Useful Information

Mobile Coverage: Generally Good

Picnic Area: Picnic bench at trailhead

Public Toilets: Taghmon village

Dogs: Dogs must be kept under control at all times. If your dog fouls in a public place then you must clean up after it.

Public Transport:  none

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Getting Here

Taghmon village: From Main St, turn onto Chapel St and continue past the church and school out of the village. After 2.5km the entrance will be on the left (Finger post sign). Continue for approximately 200m to the trailhead.

Trail Grades

Trail grades give an indication of what to expect when out on a trail.  The grade will give an idea of  the level of fitness and ability required to use the trail.  

Before attempting a trail, it is important to consider the grading to ensure it matches your ability and level of fitness. 

Wexford Walking Trails are graded by Sport Ireland according to their criteria which is explained here. 


Flat smooth trails, suitable for all users including people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, people with a vision impairment, using crutches, with a buggy, with small children, older people and so on. Normal outdoor footwear can be worn. Source : Sport Ireland


These trails may have some climbs and may have an uneven surface where the going is rough underfoot with some obstacles such as protruding roots, rocks, etc. The routes are appropriate for people with a moderate level of fitness and some walking experience.  Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing is recommended. Source : Sport Ireland


Generally flat trails with a smooth surface and some gentle slopes or shallow steps. These trails are generally suitable for family groups including children and older people. Normal outdoor footwear can be worn. Source : Sport Ireland


These are physically demanding trails, which will typically have some sections with steep climbs for long periods and the going underfoot can be extremely rough including many obstacles.  Suitable for users accustomed to walking on rough ground and with a high level of fitness. Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing required. Source : Sport Ireland