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​Here at the Viewing Point, you will see complex system of sand dunes known as Ballyteigue Burrow stretch before you for 9km in a north westerly direction. The spit of land known as “the Burrow” refers to the fact the area was managed as a rabbit warren for over 600 years.

Looking west across the bay to the horizon, you can spot Hook Lighthouse one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. It is the second oldest operating lighthouse in the world, after the Tower of Hercules in Spain. At night its beam flashes across the bay.

As the walk commences you are facing towards Ballyteigue castle which is located 1km north of the village of Kilmore Quay and was the seat of the Anglo-Norman Whitty family. Further beyond the castle are the wind turbines of Richfield Wind Farm.

As you continue along the back or “flat” of the dunes, on your right is an area where during the period 1847 to 1855 wetlands were reclaimed from the sea creating a polder system. Directly ahead at a distance of about 3 km is the Cull bank a 401-metre-long earthen dam that is built across Ballyteigue loch. The bank was constructed to prevent the incoming tide from flooding the lowlands.

Upon commencing the return part of the walk to the south of the bay are the Saltee Islands, a renowned bird sanctuary of significance and home to species of breeding sea birds, resident land birds and migrant birds.

As you walk, it is likely that you will see the fishing boats, both lobster/crab boats, sea angling boats and the larger deep sea fishing vessels returning or departing of Kilmore Quay. The harbour features both a commercial and leisure fleet that share the facilities with dedicated marina for the smaller leisure and sailing boats.

The quay side features shops and local amenities. Don’t miss the wonderful mosaic on the harbour wall featuring local animals, birds and fish created by a number of local women under the auspices of the Kilmore Quay Craft Group.

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