The Rocks

This hilly area on the outskirts of Wexford Town is characterised by its rocky outcrops which are surrounded by walking trails, trees, grass and wild plants such as the beautify gorse bush.

There is also a historical significance to Trespan Rock as it was used by Oliver Cromwell during his siege of the town in 1649. 

Magnificent panoramic views can be enjoyed overlooking Wexford Harbour and beyond.

Path leading to Trespan Rock
The Rocks Trail
View of Raven Point from the Rocks
Path leading to Trespan Rock

Getting Here

From Wexford Quays head south along the Quays on the R730, continuing straight down Trinity Street, onto South William St. You will arrive at a pedestrian crossing , green area on your left, pub and supermarket on your right. Just beyond the pedestrian crossing there is a small laneway on the right leading to St Mary’s GAA Club where parking is available.

Trail Grades

Trail grades give an indication of what to expect when out on a trail.  The grade will give an idea of  the level of fitness and ability required to use the trail.  

Before attempting a trail, it is important to consider the grading to ensure it matches your ability and level of fitness. 

Wexford Walking Trails are graded by Sport Ireland according to their criteria which is explained here. 


Flat smooth trails, suitable for all users including people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, people with a vision impairment, using crutches, with a buggy, with small children, older people and so on. Normal outdoor footwear can be worn. Source : Sport Ireland


These trails may have some climbs and may have an uneven surface where the going is rough underfoot with some obstacles such as protruding roots, rocks, etc. The routes are appropriate for people with a moderate level of fitness and some walking experience.  Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing is recommended. Source : Sport Ireland


Generally flat trails with a smooth surface and some gentle slopes or shallow steps. These trails are generally suitable for family groups including children and older people. Normal outdoor footwear can be worn. Source : Sport Ireland


These are physically demanding trails, which will typically have some sections with steep climbs for long periods and the going underfoot can be extremely rough including many obstacles.  Suitable for users accustomed to walking on rough ground and with a high level of fitness. Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing required. Source : Sport Ireland