Rosslare Harbour Village Loop

Grade:         Easy

Distance: 2.87km (1.8 miles)

Trailhead:   Rosslare Harbour Viewing Point

Sat Nav:52.2512, -6.3427

Parking: Free Car Park

The Village Garden Rosslare Harbour

Trail Description

The trail starts at the Viewing Point overlooking Rosslare Ferryport. The early part of the trail looks down on the busy Europort. Ferries from Wales, France, and Spain dock continuously and load and discharge passenger traffic, freight and imported vehicles. On land, you will pass dwellings once used to house Coastguards, Lighthouse keepers or Lifeboat men’s families.

At the southern edge of the village, the path overlooks Moran’s Bay and the natural sand dunes below the cliff. Spot seals swimming playfully near the shore. Tuskar Lighthouse stands proudly on the horizon while seabirds soar across the seascape.

Here the path divides. The Village Loop turns back through the village toward the trailhead at the Viewing Point. Don’t miss the secret garden along the way! Along the route you will also observe the streets and facilities provided for the railway men, seamen and port employees who came to build and to maintain port services for the trains and the mail boats.


Don't Miss...

  • Tuskar Rock Lighthouse
  • The Secret Garden
  • Children’s Playground

Useful Trail Information

OSI Discovery Map Series 77

Grid Reference: 

Ascent: negligible

Walking time:  45 minutes

Waymarking: Blue

Format: Loop

Surface: Mixed surfaces

Gates/Stiles: No

Start/Finish: Rosslare Harbour Viewing Point


Other Useful Information

Equipment Recommended: No special equipment required

Mobile Coverage: Generally Good

Picnic Area: 

Public Toilets: 


Dogs: Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
You must clean up after your dog if it fouls in a public place.

Rosslare Village Loop Map
The Village Garden Rosslare Harbour

History of the Port

The history of Rosslare Harbour originates in the 19th century when Wexford Town was the main shipping port of the South East. By this time Wexford was in decline due to the silting up of the estuary which caused much navigational difficulty and delays due to tidal and weather conditions. This coincided with the development of the railways throughout Ireland and the UK and plans to connect London to the West of Ireland via rail and sea became a reality.

Merchant ventures on both sides of St George’s Channel were casting speculative eyes on the 50 mile stretch of sea between southeast Ireland and southwest Wales. They wanted to open a new, speedy, rail-linked cross-channel steamer service to carry mail, passengers, livestock and cargo. Rosslare Harbour and Fishguard in Wales developed jointly to support this shipping link while later developments in continental travel and trade created even greater expansion of the port and village and linked Rosslare Harbour to Europe.

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Getting Here

Take the N25 towards Rosslare Harbour and continue until you arrive in Rosslare Harbour village. You will pass a supermarket on your left and a church on your right. After the supermarket, there is an exit on your left to the car park where the trailhead is located. (before you go down the hill into the port)