A one day pilgrimage from Ferns to Oulart Hill (Tulach a’ tSolais), stopping at Boolavogue (Fr Murphy Centre) along the way, on the new pilgrimage route linking the history of St Aidan and St David between Ferns in Wexford and St Davids in Wales.

Joining the pilgrimage will be Iain Tweedale who led the recent Creative Camino and Wexford Pilgrim Officer Rom Bates, who will share their knowledge and experience of guiding modern day pilgrimage. There will be time to reflect, slow down and breath, to re-connect with nature and ourselves, and share conversations with other walkers along the way.

In summer 2023 there will be the launch of a new Celtic route inspired by the relationship between the Irish St Aidan & Welsh St. David. The route in total will be 145 km (90 miles) and is being established by Pilgrim Paths Ireland, British Pilgrimage Trust and partners into the long term. This is a modern pilgrimage route that is open to all and takes us back to the “Age of Saints” where great journeys were taken round the wild coasts of Brittany, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland.

This will be a one day journey, following the first stage of the new route linking Ferns Wexford and St Davids Wales exploring the beautiful landscapes, incredible history and monuments along the way. We will be exploring the history of conflict and resolution, 1798 and the European enlightenment, nature and St Aidan’s connection to beekeeping.

A new route between Ferns & Wales waiting to be discovered.

Open to All ( Bring your own Beliefs )

This Pilgrimage will include:

– The telling of many stories about Celtic saints that journeyed upon these shores

– Ancient and holy places.

– Occasional stretches of silence

– Rediscovering our place in the Irish tradition of pilgrimage

– Natural beauty and the wild places between the roads & sea

What to bring:

Appropriate clothes and footwear; Waterproofs; Picnic Lunch, Water bottle or thermos flask.

Travel arrangements – Meet at St Mogues Well Ferns for a 9am departure. There will be shared car transport back from Oulart. If you are a group, it may make sense to leave a car in Oulart for the return. Arrangements are also in place for anyone who needs to stop at Boolavogue to get back to their car in Ferns.

Who can come? Anybody over 18 (or under 18 with parental guidance, bearing in mind walking distance).



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